RedHawk 100 Mobile Forensic Lab

RedHawk 100 designed and configured for the latest available forensic software and solutions. This mobile forensic lab offers a higher-end solution for the busy, on the go Forensic Investigators. RedHawk 100 is dedicated forensic equipment that is used solely for the forensic analysis of suspect computer data. Since completion of basic design and development, refinements have continued to be made as computer technology and forensic techniques have advanced. The result is a piece of equipment that can be used with confidence that maximum levels of evidential integrity and security are being maintained.

RedHawk 100 supports dual operating systems for the cross platform investigation with number of pre-installed award winning solutions for incident response and computer crime investigation such as EviPrime V.2.0 and O&O Unerase, O&O Disk Image, ESET NOD 32 Antivirus, Autopsy and many more tools and utility to address the needs of the cyber forensic investigators on the move.

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Secure Hash Integrity Verification Utility

Secure Hash is a utility for scanning the hard disk (or any storage media) on a Windows PC to calculate MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 Secure Hash v.1.0hashes of the files and build a file list with some other vital information such as file size, location, date of creation, and date of modification. The resulting list can be used during a cyber forensic investigation and can be saved for further analysis or comparison to insure the integrity of the investigation.

For example, the investigator may use SecureHash
to save the names, locations and hashes of all the files on a PC during the first stage of the investigation, after the PC has been removed from the crime scene. Later, the investigator could use this information in a court of law or in a lab to generate the report and file list to insure the integrity of the investigation.

In addition, this utility could be used as a system verification utility to generate and store digital signatures from the files on the PC. This list can be compared to the current state of the PC to ensure the integrity of the files.

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is an advanced forensic tool forevidence acquisition from computers using Microsoft Windows operating system. EviPrimescans a computer for all possible evidence and sorts the findings in a categorical order for future investigation.


  • Plug & Play Device
  • Efficient investigation
  • Efficient evidence acquisition
  • Reliable data duplication
  • Smart evidence categorization
  • Investigation with integrity (MD5 Hash, SHA1 Hash)
  • Evidence ownership identification
  • Forensic report generation
  • Source drive lock
  • Increase in speed of evidence acquisition
  • System Information Debug for Windows XP Home Edition
  • STOP & Resume Buttons
  • The produced report is more organize

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Secure1st Password Recovery
is an advanced password recovery tool that collects the saved user credentials and sensitive information from Microsoft Windows Operating System compatible PCs. This tool can help both the end users and the cyber forensic investigators to recover the saved user name and passwords, export digital certificates and gain access to the vital information such as hard disk and CPU serial numbers and windows product key along with installed applications information.

Secure1stPassword Recovery retrieves saved user credentials such as user names and passwords, login URLs and remote accesses from following applications in addition to the email account credentials, Internet messaging applications and user certificates.

  • Browsers and instant messengers:
    • Includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Trillian IM, Windows Live Messenger, Pidgin IM, Yahoo Messenger*.
  • Email applications
    • Includes Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Incredimail.
  • Network services passwords
    • Includes RAS Passwords, Wireless Networks Keys.
  • Digital Certificates*
    • Includes User Certificates, Root Certificates, System Certificate
  • System information*
    • Includes General information, CPU information and details such as serial number, Mainboard information, RAM information, Hard Disk information and details such as serial number, Operating System information including product key, Monitor information, USB information, Audio Adaptor information, Network information, Modem information, Keyboard information, Mouse information, Printer information and installed printer/s details.     
  • List of the Installed Application*
    • Includes installation path and application details.
  • Unicode Clipboard Dumper
    • Supports all the languages including, English, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Russian and Germany. 

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