Secure1st Password Recovery®
is an advanced password recovery tool that collects the saved user credentials and sensitive information from Microsoft Windows Operating System compatible PCs. This tool can help both the end users and the cyber forensic investigators to recover the saved user name and passwords, export digital certificates and gain access to the vital information such as hard disk and CPU serial numbers and windows product key along with installed applications information.

Secure1st Password Recovery® retrieves saved user credentials such as user names and passwords, login URLs and remote accesses from following applications in addition to the email account credentials, Internet messaging applications and user certificates.

  • Browsers and instant messengers:
    • Includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Trillian IM, Windows Live Messenger, Pidgin IM, Yahoo Messenger*.
  • Email applications
    • Includes Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, Incredimail.
  • Network services passwords
    • Includes RAS Passwords, Wireless Networks Keys.
  • Digital Certificates*
    • Includes User Certificates, Root Certificates, System Certificate
  • System information*
    • Includes General information, CPU information and details such as serial number, Mainboard information, RAM information, Hard Disk information and details such as serial number, Operating System information including product key, Monitor information, USB information, Audio Adaptor information, Network information, Modem information, Keyboard information, Mouse information, Printer information and installed printer/s details.     
  • List of the Installed Application*
    • Includes installation path and application details.
  • Unicode Clipboard Dumper
    • Supports all the languages including, English, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Russian and Germany. 

One of the versatile abilities of the software is its ability to filter the recovered data. The Search Filter engine of the software enables the user to search for and successfully filter the specific keyword through the recovered data.  Secure1st Password Recovery® has the ability to save the recovered data into two formats of text and PDF. This happens by exporting the data to either the Text Report or PDF Report. Another unique character of Secure1st Password Recovery® is that in order to generate the PDF Report, it does not require a PDF writer to be installed on the system as Secure1st Password Recovery® uses its own engine to create the PDF Report. In addition to the reporting function, the software also has a print preview function which enables the user to preview the recovered data and review the findings on a much more convenient manner prior to the actual printing of the findings. The current version of Secure1st Password Recovery® (Version 1.0) is only supporting two languages of English and Arabic; however, additional languages would be added to the standard features of the future version.

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Secure1st Password Recovery® has a very easy-to-use interface, and a one-click recovery process. Running the program is sufficient to recover the saved data which then be classified under 7 main titles.

To get started, Run the application and wait till the recovery process finishes.

1)   Passwords

  • The password tab includes data recovered from the following applications:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x ,7.x,8.x

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.x ,2.x , 3.x

  • Google Chrome 1.x,2.x

  • Windows Live messenger 12x, 13x,14x

  • Trillian IM 3x

  • Pidgin IM 2x

  • Yahoo IM 9x ( Import / Export Key)*

    • Yahoo IM 9x saves and transfers the user credentials in the digested mode (hash) and the encryption algorithm is not known to us. Secure1st Password Recovery® recovers the user credentials hash and that hash can be exported to use in another PC or import by the user in other to login by Yahoo IM. These functions are available in the Tools menu. The export function is available by clicking on the click tag in the application where it shows the user account.

  • Remote Access Server (RAS) Passwords (VPN, Network, Dial Up)  [Requires Administrator Privilege in Microsoft Windows Vista].

2)   Email Passwords

This tab is contains the recovered data from the following email clients:

  • Outlook Express (All Versions)

  • Microsoft Outlook (All Versions)

  • Windows Live Mail

  • IncrediMail

  • Eudora

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (All Versions)

3)   Wireless encryption keys [Requires Administrator Privilege in Microsoft Windows Vista]

This section displays the network name/s, type and decrypted WEP/WPA key/s which has been saved by operation system not network utility.

4)   System Information*

This tab contains a detailed System Information about CPU, Mainboard, Hard drive, USB, and etc. Including hardware serial numbers of CPU, HDD as well as other vital information such as Microsoft Windows SID, which could be extremely helpful in the course of a forensic investigation.

5)   Installed Applications*


This section displays the full list of installed applications, as well as versions and installation paths.


6)   Digital Certificates *

This tab contains the Certificate Manager. The Certificate Manager in this application allows viewing, deleting and exporting the installed digital certificates. This is one of the unique functionalities of this application in the course of forensic investigations. The Certificate Manager enables the forensic investigator to export the saved digital certificates and use them to recover encrypted emails and documents.

7)   Clipboard Dump

This tab dumps the copied text from clipboard; it supports Unicode characters regardless of the environment language.

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* These Functions/Tabs are only available on the Ultimate Version of Secure1st Password Recovery®