Secure Hash Integrity Verification Utility

Secure Hash is a utility for scanning the hard disk (or any storage media) on a Windows PSecure Hash v.1.0C to calculate MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 hashes of the files and build a file list with some other vital information such as file size, location, date of creation, and date of modification. The resulting list can be used during a cyber forensic investigation and can be saved for further analysis or comparison to insure the integrity of the investigation.

For example, the investigator may use SecureHash
to save the names, locations and hashes of all the files on a PC during the first stage of the investigation, after the PC has been removed from the crime scene. Later, the investigator could use this information in a court of law or in a lab to generate the report and file list to insure the integrity of the investigation.

In addition, this utility could be used as a system verification utility to generate and store digital signatures from the files on the PC. This list can be compared to the current state of the PC to ensure the integrity of the files.


  • 100% Windows 95 to Windows 7 compatible software, including 64-bit versions

  • Fast MD5, SHA1, SHA2 hashing

  • Resulting list of hashes and file information can be saved for later analysis and comparison

  • Filtering and analysis options to find new, deleted, duplicate and modified files

  • Essential tool for all those involved in cyber forensics

  • Perfect for verifying the integrity of data, systems components and whole hard drives

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